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Your family and Friends will love LEKUE CAKE POPS!


Let us heklp you with your culinary projects.

If you are making, cakes, cupcake, cake pops, brownies, pies, tartlets, pastry or other baking items we can help.

Pastryitems.com has been servicing customers since 1998. We have an A+ rating with the Better business Bureau and we offer fast reliable service. We sell a large range of culinary products and we are an authorized dealer for most of the Brands we sell. Our overhead is low allowing us to sell at very competitive prices. We hope you will give us a try. Thanks for the interest in our products. 

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Baking Information 

Flour is the item we are most questioned about. We contacted General Mills and were given the following information, we hope you find it helpful. If you are a culinary student you may notice that some of the terms may be a little different from culinary text books but the overall results are the same. When we talk flour we are talking wheat flour. Because wheat is the most commonly distributed cereal grain in the world, a reference to flour is generally a reference to wheat flour. And just as flour is not "just flour", wheat is not "just wheat". So to better understand flour, we first need to understand wheat. Wheat Categories Wheat can be classified by three major categories: growing season, brand color and kernel hardness.Growing Season-Winter vs. Spring There are two distinct growing seasons for wheat. Winter wheat is planted in the fall, lies dormant during the winter months and is harvested during late spring to early summer. Winter wheat is grown in regions where the winters are mild. Winter wheat flours range between 10 and 12% protein and have medium gluten strength.

Forged knives use more metal and require a lot more machine work by skilled craftsmen than stamped knives.Stamped knives are cut from a sheet of metal. They are machined to be tapered ground so the blade tapers from the handle to the tip and the back of the knife to the edge.Forged knives are formed by smashing a hot piece of steel in a knife mold. This allows for a thick bolster between the knife handle and the blade. The excess metal is trimmed off, and the knife is then machined to have a smooth bolster and a taper ground blade. The bolster and handle have to carefully shaped so they fit precisely with no gaps. F. Dick forged knives are less expensive then other forged knives because F. Dick does not advertise. F. Dick cutlery has only recently been available to the general public. They are superb no nonsense professional knives and the line is very extensive.

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