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Bamix Wand Mixers

Bamix Wand Mixers: 

How Did You Ever Survive Without One?
 written by: Pastryitems.com (copyright 2014) 

Some inventions are so cool, it only takes a few decades for them to take off like wildfire and revolutionize the way we do things. This is the way it was with hand-held immersion blenders. Everyone has their own pet name for them: stick blenders, mixing sticks, mixing wands, stand blenders, boat motors, hand blenders.... and magic wands, after the original prototype by Bamix. Magic indeed! Bamix wand mixers, as they are now called, are the Cadillac of the immersion blenders. They are the coolest of the cool kitchen tools. It seems like everyone either has one or desperately wants one. They are among the most requested birthday gifts. Buying a cheap imitation only makes one secretly covet their friend's Bamix.
So why are Bamix wand mixers the best? The Swiss company builds them to last and backs this up with a iron clad warranty. While the motors may wear down after light use in the cheap imitations, many Bamix owners happily report their twenty year old models are still going strong. Designed to be as ergonomic as possible, the Bamix wands feels like a natural extension of the hand. They also sport a longer electrical cord, more durable attachments, and they have been designed to be easier to clean than other immersion blenders. The Bamix is such a joy to operate, you'll find you look forward to your cooking tasks more than ever before.
Bamix wand mixers are so tremendously versatile, the only way to fully explain what they are capable of is to give you a lot of examples and let you extrapolate from there. So, let's begin:

Salad Dressings:

Nothing pulverizes a vinaigrette dressing better than a magic wand. Plus, in a matter of seconds, you can add personality and age-defying antioxidants to your vinaigrette dressings by blending in berries, herbs, and spices. It's so easy to experiment with different ingredients, you may find yourself becoming a mad scientist in the kitchen. A particularly good combination is apple cider vinegar, olive oil, fresh cherries (minus the pits) or dried cherries, and a few walnuts. Adding blue cheese to this mix turns it into a rich creamy vinaigrette dressing. Of course, you can substitute whatever berry or fruit is in season or you happen to like the most. Is it flu season? Add some maitake mushrooms or a few baby shiitakes to your vinaigrette dressings for a powerful boost to your immune system. The Bamix wand mixer will burst open the flavor of the mushrooms and infuse it throughout the dressing. If you don't have fresh mushrooms on hand, no problem. Use dried mushrooms from your pantry instead. The beautiful part is you will not need to reconstitute them using the wand mixer! Adding mushrooms, fresh or dried, is also a great way to get a good dose of vitamin D during the darker winter months.
How about a creamy sinfully-rich non-dairy salad dressing in a matter of seconds? Easy peasy. Throw in a handful of raw cashews, a clove of garlic, some fresh lemon juice, a little water, a pinch of salt, and blend with your wand. You can also add in whatever fresh herbs you have on hand. In about 30 seconds, voila! Even with prep time, this delicious dressing only takes about a minute to make and your dinner guests will be begging you for the recipe! Besides the speed and ease of use, another major advantage is you can prepare your salad dressings right in the jar or container you plan to store them in.

Homemade Mayonnaise:
Mayonnaise is not just for sandwiches. It is the basis for Tuna Salad, Egg salad, thousand island dressing, ranch dressing, and the dip for Salmon cakes and steamed Artichokes. However, commercially prepared mayonnaises have become one of the least healthy foods you can eat. Have you taken a good look at the ingredients on store bought mayonnaise lately? Hydrogenated oils made from GMO crops like Canola, Soybeans, and Cottonseeds plus high fructose corn syrup and various mystery ingredients that are hard to pronounce! Thankfully, one of the easiest and tastiest foods to make with your wand is homemade mayonnaise. While there are thousands of recipes, mayonnaise is basically Oil, Eggs, Vinegar and/or Lemon juice, salt, and a little sugar. The main problem with making mayonnaise in normal blenders is the oil and egg tends to separate but not so with a wand mixer. In fact, you'll be able to use whole eggs, not just the yolks, and still have the mayonnaise hold together.
​When you make your own mayonnaise, you can pick your own oil and make sure it's healthy oil. You can blend oils too. For example, you could use pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil or, if that's too strong for you, you could blend it with Grapeseed Oil or use light Olive Oil. You may want to avoid Grapeseed oil if you don't want to have too high a ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fats. Instead, you could make your mayonnaise with Flaxseed oil, Chia Oil, Hempseed Oil, or Walnut Oil for more Omega-3. For really special mayonnaise, you could also mix this with Avocado Oil or Macadamia Nut Oil. Making your own mayonnaise, you can get cold pressed and unrefined oils to avoid the hidden trans fats found in so many oils processed with heat. You can make sure you use eggs from pasture-raised chickens that eat grass and bugs and produce healthy eggs with Omega-3. You may also want to try adding some special ingredients such as Capers, Sour Cream, Anchovies, Bacon, and Lemon zest to your mayonnaise.

Sauces, Salsas, Dips, and Other Condiments:
Want to impress a date or make an extra good meal for your sweetie? How about throwing a couple of nicely marbled ribeye steaks on the grill and then blending up a batch of gourmet steak sauce with your Bamix wand mixer? The secret to amazing steak sauce is adding dried fruit to your Tomatoes, Vinegar, Onions, Garlic, Herbs, and Spices. While you're cooking everything down, throw in some golden Raisins or dried Apricots. While the ingredients are still simmering in the pot, use your wand to pulverize everything. If you pan fry your steaks, you can also deglaze the skillet and put the delicious steak juice into your homemade steak sauce too. However, please leave out the caramel color, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, and GMO corn syrup found in Kraft's A1 Steak Sauce! Homemade steak sauce versus A1: there's no doubt who would win that taste test, is there? For a little extra sweetness, instead of sugar, you may want to try the richer flavor of Honey, Maple Syrup, or Molasses. Normally, it would be challenging to get these denser sweeteners to mix thoroughly with the rest but with the wand mixer, it can be done in seconds! Want to snazz up your grilled chicken?
How about blending up a fresh Mango, Cilantro, and a sliver of Jalapeno or Chipotle for a sensational sauce. Did you over-buy at the farmer's market? How about making up some unusual salsas and dips?

Smoothies and Shakes:
Nothing makes a better smoothie than a Bamix wand mixer since the secret to a great smoothie is in the quality of the blending. While it may take using frozen fruits and/or ice to get a thick smoothie with a normal blender, you can make a thick delicious smoothie with milk from the refrigerator and fruit at room temperature if you use a Bamix. Another huge advantage is you can make your smoothie in the same container you drink it from. In a pinch, you could do this in a glass but it works better if you get yourself a stainless steel blender cup which can also serve as a shake cup and a cocktail mixing cup.

Creamed Soups, Canning, and Gravies:
Whether it be Cream of Asparagus or Gazpacho with Green Bell Peppers and Onion, the Bamix wand mixer will work magic on all cream soups. Instead of having to pour hot foods from a pot into a blender and back again, you can blend directly inside the pot while your ingredients cook. Plus, there will be no need for a sieve! Instead of chopping and grinding your herbs and spices, just add them in the pot and use your magic wand again. Is your gravy lumpy? Let the magic wand come to the rescue!

Why is the Bamix wand blender better for cocktails than any of the other stick blenders used in the home? The answer is simple. It is so strong and so durable, your friends will think you are a professional bartender. Most immersion blenders specifically tell you not to crush ice or you could damage the blade or burn out the motor. Not with the Bamix! You could crush ice every night for years and it would still be going strong.
You can make the world's best Mint Julep using your wand. You won't need mint syrup and you don't need to crush your own mint leaves into a paste with a mortar and pestle. Just throw some good bourbon, ice cubes, and fresh mint leaves into mixer and let the wand work its magic! Do you have some fresh berries on hand? How about a fruit crush with Gin or Vodka? Of course, you'll never had to buy Daiquiri or Pina Colada mixes again once you see how easy the Bamix wand mixer blends those tropical fruits, and more importantly, once you taste the difference.

Other Ways To Use a Bamix Wand Mixer:
This immersion mixer is so strong and so versatile, there are literally thousands of ways to use it in the kitchen. Here are a few more examples:
1. Quickly puree meat and vegetables to make baby food. This way, you have 100 percent control over the ingredients your baby eats.
2. Grind your own meat and spices to make custom sausage patties and links.
3. Pamper your pup with nutritious and delicious homemade dog food with no allergens, fillers, additives, or GMO ingredients.
4. Make the creamiest mashed potatoes you've ever tasted. There's no need to even take the potatoes out of the pot. You can even leave the skins on if you want and whip those too. Add Garlic and herbs for a gourmet taste. You could cream Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, and Squash as well.
5. Are you looking for a low carb alternative to mashed potatoes? Use your wand to make creamy mashed Cauliflower or creamy mashed Artichokes.
6. Make the fluffiest Omelet you've ever made.
7. Create your own blend of spices as a dry rub for chops, steaks, and fish.
8. Make your own bread crumbs in ten seconds flat!
9. Save your knuckles and let the Bamix wand mixer grate hard cheeses in mere seconds.
​10. Grind up some pine nuts, basil, and cheese for instant Pesto. Experiment with other nuts/seeds and herbs.
11. Whip up some made from scratch pancake batter in less than a minute.
12. Take the grunt work out of mixing up a cake from scratch.
13. Make a thick delicious dairy topping out of skim milk -- this is only possible with a Bamix.
14. Make an extra fluffy vanilla icing.
15. Make up some quick Peach Chutney with those Peaches that are about to go bad. Go wild with the Indian spices and herbs. Alternately, boil the Peaches, add your spices, and puree them right in the pot using your wand.
16. Grind your Coffee Beans. Add in Cinnamon sticks, Vanilla Bean, Cardamon, or other spices. 
17. Want to add some Irish Cream or Kahlua to your coffee? Give it a good frothing before you do! You can make a "fake" Cappuccino this way too by frothing milk.
18. On a warm summer day, blend together add some ice, coffee, and sugar for a quick Frappuccino. Blend in some Cardamon pods to make it extra interesting. Ask your friends to guess the secret ingredient.
​19. Cook down some fresh Tomatoes, add some Apple Cider Vinegar and some Sugar, and put your wand right down in the pot and make some very tasty homemade ketchup without the high fructose corn syrup you'll find on the shelves at the grocery store. Add some extra herbs and spices to create a signature ketchup.

Some Final Thoughts:
One of the primary differences between the various models of the Bamix wand mixers is the length of the shaft. For most home users, the short to medium length shafts (like those on the Pro-1 and Pro-2) will work just fine. In fact, some people find these sizes easier to balance in their hand. However, if you plan on using your wand mixer a lot in deep cooking pots for making cream soups or big batches of preserves, you may want to opt for a model with a longer industrial sized shaft (like what you find on the pro-3).
​The ease and utility of the Bamix wand mixer will inspire you to cook more and experiment more. The number of ways you can use it will only be limited by your wild imagination. You'll save enough money on condiments alone, it will pay for itself in less than a year. In the process, you'll eat much healthier. The wand is an indispensable tool to have around during the holidays or anytime you have guests over. Your family will be spoiled by the creations you make with your wand. Perhaps you're already planning your next superbowl party? You could create a dozen unique dips and dipping sauces in under an hour easy! Better yet, if you run out before your guests leave, no problem! You can slip into the kitchen and whip up some more in just a few minutes. Once you start using the Bamix wand mixer and see for yourself how truly versatile it really is, you'll be asking yourself, "How did I ever live without this?" Victorinox Bamix Mixers available at Pastryitems.com.